Conferences are not an end in themselves – although those organizing them might wonder if there is a life after the conference. We want this Conference to be part of the life-blood of Neurology and Neuroscience. We want it to be an opportunity where people exchange views and where we have the opportunity of understanding the priorities of the many stakeholders in our organization. Our goal is to build the intellectual capital of Neuroscience, so that we can base our advocacy on the best information and knowledge that are available.

A Conference should be a call to action and we look forward to the policy workshops and to the final session of the Conference in providing us with advice on priorities for future policy and program development. It is a tremendous start to that goal that people with early stage dementia and many other neurological diseases have together produced an issues document for discussion during the Conference. We will all hear and learn about many important things at this Conference.

We will learn at this Conference how psychosocial approaches can improve quality of care. We will learn about the latest developments in medical research. We now have medications that for a time and for some will improve quality of life. We know what research can do if we set the bar high enough to demand that we want effective approaches to delaying onset or delaying progression.


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Neuro Surgeon









Neuro drug Manufacturers


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